The T.S. Food Processing Srl production lines are designed and manufactured in order to preserve the quality and the natural peculiarity of the processed products.

The continuous research and innovation has led to the development of less invasive and destructive processing methods that allow to obtain a final product always at the top in quality tests.


The T.S. Food Processing Srl designs, manufactures and installs the following complete lines:

  • Complete tomato processing lines for juice, tomato paste, concentrate, diced and peeled tomatoes, ketchup and sauces production;

  • Complete fruit and vegetable processing lines for juice, puree, concentrate, pikled vegetables, frozen and V gamma products;

  • Complete puree and concentrate reprocessing lines for drinkable juice, nectar, ketchup and sauces, marmalade and jam production;

  • Complete potato processing lines for french fries, chips, potato flakes production lines;

  • Complete baby food processing line;

  • Vegetable cream processing line

  • Complete milk and dairy plants for ricotta, tvorog, cream, butter, fresh and seasoned cheese, spread, yougurt, kefir;

  • Raw fruit receiving and stocking units;

  • Fresh milk receiving, filtering, skimming and pastereurization lines;

  • Milk and whey powder production lines

  • UHT milk line

  • Turn-key projects and other complete lines for food processing companies.


The T.S. Food Processing Srl designs, manufactures and installs the following machines:

  • Turbo extractors for puree and juices;

  • “Hot-Break” or “Cold-Break”  pre-heating units;

  • Grinders, tearing groups, chopping pumps, hammer mills;

  • Evaporators at forced circulation, at falling film, at turbulent thin film, at scraped surface, at thermo-compression, at mechanical recompression;

  • Sterilizers, pasteurizers, tube nest, tube-in-tube,  scraped surface and flash type coolers;

  • Complete groups for the aseptic packaging of juices, purees, concentrates, products with pieces, with “bag-in-box”, “bag-in-drum” and ”bag-in-bin” system;

  • Specific products not included in the standard range of production.


The T.S. Food Processing Srl organizes and manages, on customer request, truck, air and sea shipments towards any destination.