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Production Lines

Fresh milk receiving, filtering, skimming and pasteurization lines
Milk reconstitution line
Yogurt and kefir production line
Ricotta, tvorog, cream and butter line
UHT milk with direct or indirect injection steam
Fresh and seasoned cheese line
Cheese spreads line
Milk and Whey powder production line

Vegetable cream production line in aseptic

Natural and concentrated puree filled in bag in box
Clear or cloudy juice concentrate filled in aseptic bag in box of apple, pear, plums, berry, pomegranate etc.
Drinkable juice production line

Tomato paste line
Tomato concentrate line
Ketchup production line
Diced tomatoes production line
Peeled tomatoes production line

Cream based baby food line
Fruit based baby food line
Meat based baby food line

Frozen products
Fresh and peeled products
Cooked products of V gamma
Pikled vegetables
Vegetable puree
Jam and souces

French fries production lines
Chips production lines
Potato flakes production lines